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Atrangi Re Full Movie Watch Online Free In Hindi

Moviesplanet welcomes you all. If you are looking for atrangi re full movie watch online, this post is for you. Today in this post, we have given details on how you can watch the movie online.

Atrangi Re Full Movie Watch Online
Atrangi Re Full Movie Watch Online

Atrangi Re Full Movie Watch Online

Atrangi re movie is a Hindi language romantic drama film released in December 2021. The movie was directed by Anand l rai, and the movie stars Akshay Kumar, Dhanush and Sara Ali khan. It would be best if you watched the atrangi re full movie online.

Atrangi Re Movie Details

Movie name Anrangi re
Release date 24 December 2021
Language Hindi
Country India
Starring Akshay kumar, Dhanush, Sara ali khan
Director Aanand l. rai
Producer Aanand l. rai, Bhushan kumar, Krishna kumar, Himanshu sharma
Writer Himanshu sharma
Music A. R. rahman
GenreRomance drama
IMDB rating 6.7

Atrangi Re Box Office Collection

The movie made 100 crores on the box office. Numbers can change over time.

Atrangi Re Songs

Title Length
Chaka chak 4.31
Garda 3.44
Tere rang4.34
Little little 4.18
Rait zara si 4.51
Toofan si kudi 3.36
Tumhein mohabbat hai3.07

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Atrangi Re Movie Story

At the movie’s starting, Rinku is chased by his family goons at a junction while trying to run away with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Vishnu and his friend Madhusudan see her throwing bottles at the goons.

However, Rinku is brought home by his family goons, and her grandmother wants her to marry any boy. Vishnu is about to marry Mandakini, but goons kidnap him and forcefully marry Rinku though their next target is Madhusudan.

After the marriage of Rinku and Vishnu, they go to Delhi, but they don’t consider their marriage valid, and they decide to part ways. Still, Rinku tells Vishnu that her boyfriend Sajjad will not agree to this, and we have to take an official divorce because Sajjad will reach Delhi in 10 days.

Meanwhile, Vishnu goes to marry Mandakini in Madurai, where she gets the video of Vishnu and Rinkus marriage and calls of the wedding. Both Vishnu and rinku come back to Delhi, where Vishnu develops feeling for Rinku meanwhile Sajjad is back in the city, and Rinku is eager to meet him. During this, Madhusudan, following Rinku, finds that Sajjad does not exist in reality. He is just an imaginary character.

Visnu and Madhusudan think that she has a mental health condition. They make several attempts to dose her medication to make Sajjad’s imagination disappear. Vishnu confesses love to her, but Sajjad threatens Rinkus’s love for Vishnu and attempts suicide.
They go to court to file a divorce on the following day, but Rinkus says that she wants both Sajjad and Vishnu.

Sajjad tells a story in a flashback where Sajjad is Rinkus father, and Rinkus mother was a lookalike of her. Their parents disapprove of their love, but they marry in court. They had a daughter Rinku. Sajjad starts performing in the circus, but one day, just before the firewalk, Rinkus grandmother and uncle replace the synthetic fuel with original fuel, which immolates Sajjad.
During this, mother and Rinku were the audiences. The mother realises that Sajjad is dying, and she jumps to the firewalk path, and both die.

But Rinkus was happy, and she thought it was a magical play. After listening to the story, she knows that their parents died in the tragedy. This is how the movie ends, and she rushes back to see Vishnu and sees that his wife returned, and they met.

Atrangi Re Movie Cast

Real name Movie Character
Akshay KumarSajjad Ali Khan
DhanushS. Venkatesh Vishwanath Iyer, Vishnu
Sara Ali KhanRinku Sooryavanshi Iyer
Manjari Sooryavanshi
Ashish VermaMadhusudhan
Dimple Hayathi  Mandakini Sengupta
Pankaj Jha  Neelkant Sooryavanshi
Seema Biswas Rajjo Sooryavanshi
Anil Grover Dablu
Vijay KumarMatadin
Bharti GolaRajnandini Sooryavanshi
G. Marimuthu Ramesh Sengupta
Gopal Dutt Divorce lawyer
Jaya Swaminathan  Indu Sengupta
Anand BabuS. Rantesh Brijnath Iyer
Ashok Banthia  Amarkant Sooryavanshi

Atrangi Re Full Movie Watch Online


I hope you read the whole post and will atrangi re full movie watch online. We have provided the movie link above. Don’t hesitate to click on the link. Don’t miss to comment in the comment box if you have any queries.

Atrangi Re Trailer


Q. Where is atrangi re movie available to watch?

Ans. You can watch atrangi re movie online on diseny+hotstar. We have given a link in the post.

Q. What is the budget of atrangi re movie?

Ans. The budget of the movie is approx 40 crore rupees.



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