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Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap In Hd Now

Moviesplanet welcomes you all. Today in this post, we discuss Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap. To download the movie, you have to read the whole post. We have given the complete movie details along with download options. So stick with this post till the end.

Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap
Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap

Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap

Pusha The Rise is a Telugu language action-drama film released in December 2021. It is written and directed by Sukumar. It casts Allu Arjun Rashmika Mandana in the lead role along with Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Sunil, Rao Ramesh, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ajay, Ajay Ghosh, and Fahad Faasil in the supporting role.

The film is in two parts. The first part tells about red sandalwood, a rare wood that only grows in the Seshachalam Hills of Andhra Pradesh. If you are interested in Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap, stay with us to enjoy all types of movies and get upcoming movie news.

Pushpa Movie Details

Movie name Pushpa the rise
Release date 17 december 2021
Language Telugu
Country India
Starring Allu arjun, Rashmika mandana
Director Sukumar
ProducerNaveen yemeni, Y. ravi shankar
Music Devi shri prasad

Pushpa Movie Songs

Title Length
Oo antava Oo Oo antava 3.43
Eyy bidda idhi naa adda 3.54
Saami saami 3.43
Daako daako meka 4.55

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Pushpa Movie Story

Pushpa’s rise story revolves around a coolie smuggling the red sanders, a rare wood that grows in Andhra Pradesh hills. During smuggling DSP, Govidappa raids them, but Pushpa smartly hides the stock. Due to his work, Konda Reddy becomes a partner in the red sanders smuggling.

Later Manglam Srinu gives two hundred tons of red sanders to Konda reddy to keep it safe. DSP Govindapa tracks their location and raids them, but Pushpa successfully saves the red sanders from being seized.

Meanwhile, Pusha meets Srivalli and falls in love. Later he plans to marry Srivalli, but his half-brother obstructs the ceremony, and his mother gets injured. This incident motivates Pushpa to become rich in life. Later he smuggles the wood and meets Mangalam Srinu, and demands one crore rupee for a ton as his share. But he refuses the deal and attacks Pushpa, but he overpowers them. Later he sells the wood for one and a half crore rupees which Konda reddy and Pushpa share equally.

One day Konda Reddy’s brother Jolly reddy blackmails Srivalli to spend a night with him. After knowing this, Pushpa attack jolly and makes him temporarily paralyzed. Later Konda gets to know that Pushpa is responsible for may brother condition and tries to kill him. Konda Reddy is killed during this battle, and Pushpa saves Kondas brother Jakka reddy. Later, Pushpa exposes Mangalam Srinu in from of Bhumireddy Naiduu, and he appoints Pushpa to manage his syndicate.

Instead of DSP Govindappa, a ruthless officer Bhanwar Shekhawat takes charge as the district SP. Pushpa meets him and offers a crore rupees. But the officer warns Pushpa to shoot him; he does unfold his fingers. Later at Pushpa’s wedding, Shekhawat meets Pushpa. He takes a revolver and shoots himself in his hand. Pushpa asks the police officer to be undressed and does the same. Pushpa tells the officer that he is nothing without his uniform; even his dog will not recognize him. Later the police officer goes home and kills the dog and burns the money.

Pushpa Movie Cast

Real name Movie charactor
Rashmika mandana Srivalli
Allu arjun Pushpa raj
Fahad faasil Bhanwar singh shekhawat
Ajay ghosh Konda reddy
Sunil Mangalam srinu
Jagadeesh prathap bhandariKesava
Rao ramesh Bhumireddy siddappa naidu
Ajay Pushpa’s half brother
ShatruDSP govindappa
Sritej Pushpa’s half brother
Anasuya bhardwaj Dakshayani
Mime gopi Chennai murugan
Samanth ruth prabhu Special appearance in the item song
Bramhaji SI kupparaj

Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap

Pushpa Movie Screen Count

Pushpa movie screen count in india 3800
Pushpa movie screen count overseas650
Total 4450

Pushpa Movie Budget & Box Office Collection

Pushpa movie budget 140 Cr.
Pushpa movie box office collection india 340 Cr.
Pushpa movie box office collection overseas30 Cr.
Pushpa total box office collection 370 Cr.
Number may change overtime

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I hope you read the entire post. Pushpa Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmywap, and we have given other website details. I want to tell you that movie downloading websites are illegal because to make a film takes so much effort and investment. If you’re going to watch Pushpa movie online, you can watch them on Amazon prime video. It is free for the first month. We have provided the movie link inside the post. You can enjoy the movie online.


In this blog post, we are trying to share the latest information related to movies and illegal pirated content so the readers can understand. Because according to Indian law, piracy is a crime, and we never support this. You must note that we do not promote piracy or any illegal activity online that violates any law.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Pushpa is hit or flop?

Ans. The movie is still running successfully, and it grossed over 300 crore rupees worldwide. It is a hit movie.

Q. Who is the producer of the Pushpa movie?

Ans. Naveen yemeni, Y. ravi shankar



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