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Watch Robert Kannada Movie Full HD On Amazon Prime Video Now

Moviesplanet welcomes you all. In this post, we have given information about watching Robert Kannada Movie Full HD Online. Read the entire post to get detailed information.

Robert Kannada Movie Full HD
Robert Kannada Movie Full HD

Robert Kannada Movie Full HD

Robert is a Kannada language action film released in March 2021. You can Watch Robert Kannada Movie Full HD On Amazon Prime Video Now. The film stars Darshan, Vinod Prabhakar is in the lead role, and Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Kishan, Aasha Bhat, and Devraj are supporting. Tarun Sudhir directs the film.

Robert Movie Details

Movie name Roberrt
Release date 11 March 2021
Language Kannada
Country India
Starring Darshan, Vinod Prabhakar, Asha Bhat
Director Tarun Sudhir
Producer Umapathy srinivasa gowda
Writer Tarun sudhir
Music V. harikrishna
GenreAction film
IMDB rating 6.5/10

Robert Kannada Movie Songs

Title Length
Ba Ba Ba Na Ready3.15
Jai Sriram3.43
Dostha Kano4.04
Baby Dance Floor Ready3.33
Kannu Hodiyaka3.45
Nin Edurali Naanu1.36

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Robert Movie Story

Raghava is living a happy life with his son Arjun, and he is a head cook in Bramhin caterers where he helps his caterers daughter in catering job; she fell in love with Raghava. Balram Tripathi wants to take revenge on Raghava.

Tripathi wants to kill Raghava, but he overpowers them kills all the goons and Tripathi. As Raghava reveals that he is not Raghava, he is Robert. Amruta also confronts Raghava’s past.

A few years ago, Robert and Raghava were friends and working for Nanabhai in Mangalore. Robert helps Raghava and Thanu and their parents except for their relationship later, and their son is Arjun.

Meanwhile, Robert and Raghava kill nanas son. During celebrating Arjun’s birthday, nanas goons attack them, and Thanu is killed. Then Raghava, depressed about Thanus’s death and Arjun’s future, becomes an approver to the police for nana’s crime.

However, nana kills Thanus parents and throws Raghava, Robert and Arjun into a shipping container, but Robert and Arjun survive, but Raghava dies, where Robert promises Raghava that he will raise Arjun in a non-violent manner.

Nana finds that Robert and Arjun are still alive. He traps Amruthas father Vishwanath in a food poisoning case and Robert in Tripathi’s murder and calls Robert to finish the matter as they kidnaped Arjun. Robert arrives and kills Nana, Sarkar, and Kishan at the ram Navami event.

Robert Movie Cast

Real name Movie charactor
Darshan Roberrt / Raghava
Jagapathi Babu Nanabhai
P. Ravi Shankar Sarkar
Ravi KishanBalram Tripathi
Sonal MonteiroThanu
Vinod Prabhakar Raghava
Asha Bhat Amrutha
Devaraj Former Police Commissioner
Chikkanna Agni
AvinashMinister Omkar Shukla
Suchendra Prasad Thanu’s father
Naveen D. PadilVishwanath Bhat’s brother-in-law
AshokVishwanath Bhat
Chandu B. GowdaKishan Tiwari
Aishwarya PrasadKamala
Sridhar Rao Lallan Bhai 
Dhramanna Kadur Madana

Robert Kannada Movie Full HD


I hope you read the whole post. You will watch Robert Kannada Movie Full HD one prime video for free. We have given the movie link above. Don’t hesitate to click on the link. Don’t miss to comment if you have any queries.

Robert Movie Trailer


Q. Is Robert Kannada movie available in Amazon Prime?

Ans. Yes, it is available on prime video and was released on 25 April 2021. We have given a movie link in the post.



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