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Watch Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online In HD On Prime Video For Free

Moviesplanet welcomes you all. Today in this post we are telling you all about how you can watch Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online. Read the complete post to get detailed information.

Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online
Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online

Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online

Vakeel Saab is a Telugu language legal drama movie released in April 2021. The film stars Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hasan alongside Nivetha Thomas, Ananya Nagalla, Anjali, Prakash Raj. The film is the remake of the Bollywood movie pink, and Venu Sriram directs the movie. You can watch Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online On Prime Video.

Vakeel Saab Movie Details

Movie name Vakeel saab
Release date 9 april 2021
Language Telugu
Country India
Starring Pawan kalyan, Shruti hasan
Director Venu sriram
Producer Dil raju, Sirish, Boney kapoor
Writer Venu sriram
Music S. thaman
GenreLegal drama
IMDB rating 7.7/10

Vakeel Saab Movie Songs

Title Length
Sathyameva Jayathe3.39
Kanti Papa Kanti Papa4.24
Kadhulu Kadhulu2.56
Maguva Maguva (Female)2.53
Maguva Maguva (Male)4.10

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Vakeel Saab Movie Story

The film starts with three working women Pallavi, Divya, Zareena. All are living together. One night their car breaks down. Pallavi’s friend Viswa offers them a lift. Viswa and Bunty take Vamsi to the hospital as Vamsi is bleeding because of a severe injury to his head. As the women return to their homes, they feel that they have something to do with the Vamsi incident.

After the incident, the three girls came across a drunk and jobless Satya moving to the new colony. Pallavi starts getting threats from Vamsi as a result, Zareena loses her job. They didn’t file a complaint because they did not want to worsen their lives. Because MP backs up Vamsi, Korentila Rajendra is his father.

On the next day, Pallavi is gets kidnapped by Vamsi’s friend blackmailed her and molested her in the moving car. Pallavi gets arrested by the police based on the complaint. Meanwhile, the two girls, Divya and Zareena, came across Satyadev, and he suggested that they could get an emergency bail from the lawyer.

The girls don’t believe in Satya dev as he is drunk, but later they get to know that he is a reputed lawyer. Still, he is suspended for four years due to hurting a fellow lawyer, but after he decides to represent Pallavi in court.

After taking the case of Pallavi by Satyadeva, Vamsi and Rajendra meet the advocate Nanda Gopal to take their case. Advocate Nanda Gopal presents a story in the courtroom as Vamsi, and his friends help Pallavi due to her car breaking down, and they invite all the girls for dinner, but the girls provoke them and demand money as they are prostitutes. Vamsi refuses to give money, and Pallavi hits him on the head and runs away. All signs are against the Pallavi because her family lived in Hyderabad, but she was living with her friends.

After creating a poor story by Nanda Gopal in the court room Pallavi and her friends state that the men tried to harass them sexually, and In self-defense, she hit Vamsi with a bottle. At the end of the case, Vamsi is provoked by Satyadeva to reveal the truth.

Advocate Satyadeva criticizes society as they look at women as prostitutes if they come home late or want to be independent, but it doesn’t apply to men. Then the women are acquitted, and Vamsi, Bunty is found criminal. Satyadeva decides to return to his profession to help ordinary people as the case closes. In the movie’s last scene, Zareena gets her job back, Divya enters her new home, and Pallavi gets engaged. You can watch Vakeel Saab full movie in Telugu on Amazon Prime.

Vakeel Saab Movie Cast

Real name Movie charactor
Pawan KalyanAdvocate Konidela Satyadev
Shruti Haasan Satyadev’s wife
AnjaliZareena Begum
Ananya NagallaDivya Nayak
Nivetha ThomasVemula Pallavi
Mukesh Rishi MP Korentla Rajendra, Vamsi’s father
Vamsi Krishna Korentla Vamsi, Korentla Rajendra’s son
Dev Gill Shankar Reddy’s Right Hand
Sayaji ShindeMinister Shankar Reddy
Nagineedu ACP B. Ravinder
Chaitanya KrishnaSatyadev’s College friend
Sarath Babu Discipline Committee Chairman
Kamal Kamaraju Anwar, Zareena’s former fiancée
Anish KuruvillaZareena’s Manager
Srikanth IyyengarCI K. Yugander
Kedar Shankar Pallavi’s father
Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu Viswa
Amit SharmaShiva

Vakeel Saab Telugu Movie Online


I hope you all read the post thoroughly. You can watch the Vakeel Saab Telugu movie online on amazon prime video for free as it is one of the best Telugu movies on amazon prime. We have given the movie link above in the post. Don’t hesitate to click on any link. Don’t miss to comment if you have any queries.

Vakeel Saab Movie Trailer


Q. What is the budget of the Vakeel Saab movie?

Ans. Approx 85 crore rupees.

Q. Is vakeel Saab a Movie remake of pink?

Ans. Yes, it is a remake of the Hindi movie pink, which was released in 2016.

Q. What is the worldwide collection of Vakeel Saab movie?

Ans. Approx 135 Crore rupees.



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