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2022 Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online Now

Moviesplanet welcomes you all. This post is written about how to Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online. Valimai is a Tamil language action thriller film. This post covered topics like Valimai Tamil movie details, Valimai Tamil movie songs, Valimai Tamil movie story, Valimai Tamil movie cast, and how to watch Valimai Tamil movie online etc. Please stick with us to get complete information.

Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online
Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online

Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online

Valimai is a Tamil language action thriller film released in February 2022. H. Vinoth directs the movie. Valimai movie stars Ajith Kumar, Karthikrya, Huma Quereshi and Gurbani Judge in the lead role and other supporting actors.

The movie was mainly shot in Chennai and Hyderabad, and some sequences were filmed in Russia. The movie tells the story of Arjun, who is appointed to track a group of outlaw bikers. Due to covid 19, Panedamics movie was delayed multiple times but later it was released worldwide on 24 February 2022.

Valimai Tamil Movie Details

Movie name Valimai
Release date 24 February 2022
Language Tamil
Country India
Starring Ajith Kumar, Karthikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, Gurbani Judge
Director H. Vinoth
Producer Boney Kapoor
Writer H. Vinoth
Music Ghibran
GenreAction thriller
Running time 179 Minutes
IMDB rating 7.2/10

Valimai Tamil Movie Songs

Title Length
Naanga Vera Maari4.15
Mother Song4.06
The Intense of Fire2.39
Enna Kurai3.11
Whistle Theme1.43

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Valimai Tamil Movie Story

Valimai is a Tamil movie and tells the story of Arjun, a police officer from Madurai. He is appointed to Chennai to solve a case—a group of people with deadly bikers. Wolfgang is the leader of the gang that runs this business. The gang is involved in ruthless theft and murders inside the city. To know the whole story, watch the Valimai Tamil movie online.

Valimai Tamil Movie Cast

Real name Movie charactor
Ajith Kumar ACP Arjun Kumar IPS
Kartikeya Gummakonda Naren a.k.a. Wolfranga
Huma Qureshi Sophia
Gurbani Judge Sara
Sumithra Lakshmi, Arjun’s mother
Uma Shankari young Lakshmi
Raj Ayyappa Ashok a.k.a. Kutty, Arjun’s younger brother
Pugazh Success Balu 
G. M. SundarIG Arasu
Pavel Navageethan[Selvam
Selva Vijayakumar, police commissioner
Chaitra ReddyLatha
Pearle Maaney Christina
Dinesh Prabhakar[DCP Rajangam
Shah Emtiaj Ramya’s Brother
Vaishnavi Chaitanya Ramya
Sunaina Badam Arjun’s younger sister
Achyuth Kumar Kothandam, Arjun’s drunkard older brother

Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online

Valimai Tamil Movie Screen Count

Valimai Tamil moive screen count in india 4200
Valimai Tamil movie screen count overseas1400
Total 5600

Valimai Tamil Movie Budget & Box Office Collection

Valimai Tamil movie budget150 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 1st day collection 1.8 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 2nd day collection 1 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 3rd day collection 1. 3 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 4rd day collection 1.5 Cr
Valimai Tamil movie 5th day collection 0.3 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 6th day collection 0.3 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 7th day collection 0.2 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 1st week collection 6.6 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie 2nd week collection 1.4 Cr
Valimai Tamil movie 3rd week collection 0.83
Valimai Tamil movie total collection india 123 Cr.
Valimai Tamil movie total box office collection worlwide 164 Cr.
This is approximate data

What People Search For Movies On Internet

People are very fond of watching movies online. There are tons of movies on the internet, and many websites provide movies. But people don’t get their films quickly.

Today in this post, we will tell you about the Valimai Tamil movie. People are searching for this movie on the internet. Ajith Kumar has a huge fan base in the south. We have provided keywords here to help you find the film online.

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Wrap Up On Watch Valimai Tamil Movie Online

I hope you all read the whole and are happy with the given information. This post is about how to watch Valimai movies online. The film is released on the OTT platform. We have provided the movie link inside the post. You can click on that link and will be able to watch movies online. If you have any queries leave a comment in the comment box.

Our site provides only movie details. We don’t give any movie downloading link inside the post. Our site is not a downloading movie site. Movies downloading site piracy sites, and we don’t support them.


In this blog post, we are trying to share the latest information related to movies and illegal pirated content so the readers can understand. Because according to Indian law, piracy is a crime, and we never support this. You must note that we do not promote piracy or any illegal activity online that violates any law.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is the Valimai Tamil Movie based on a true story?

Ans. Valimai movie is not based on a true story.

Q. Is the Valimai Tamil movie available on the OTT platform?

Ans. Yes, The movie is available on the OTT platform.

Q. How to watch Valimai Tamil movies online?

Ans. We have provided the movie link inside the post. After clicking on that link, you will be able to watch the movie online.



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